Things To Know When Building With HOA

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Buying & Selling Info


When you purchase or build a home within a planned development, you must join that communities Home Owner Association and pay monthly or annual fees so the common areas can be up-kept. 53% of the homes in the United States are currently part of a HOA and the rates are increasing.

HOA is kind of a community within a community. Each HOA is ran by chosen community members that were specifically picked by other community members to run the HOA.

Along with the mandatory fees, living in an HOA community, there is also a set of rules you must follow and honor. These rules are regarding resident behaviors, architecture and common responsibilities.

HOA communities rules are unique, Each community may have different ideas of what they rule okay and not. They can decide on whether or not you’re allowed to park along the sidewalk, they restrict noise levels and prohibit glass containers by the pool. They determine the allowance of pets, when garbage cans need to be put away, the height of your fence, your house color, remodels or additions, the types of vehicles that can be parked on your property and more!

Although to many people, so many rules create a deal-breaker, to many others they view them as ways to be ensure their safety, peace and well-being of their own selves and their belongings. The HOA is responsible for top notch maintenance and upkeep, they settle disputes, and promote healthy living environments. Building in an HOA can also upkeep property values and maintain satisfaction and appeal.

Be sure to ask thorough questions to your potential HOA board. Make sure to read documents, if you enjoy complete freedom of choice and can maintain your own property an HOA may not be the place for you, however if those aren’t your concerns and are too busy to upkeep your property, enjoy the many benefits HOA has to offer!