Details You Won’t Want to Miss While House Hunting

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Real Estate

Searching for a house to buy can be a fun experience, but there is no doubt that it is also exhausting. When you are looking at home after home it’s easy to judge a house just by the layout, style, and size, but often people miss the small details they should be considering. This simple mistake can lead to big problems, as real estate is a large purchase, and one you will have to stick to for years! 

house checklist

With the Lemmon Team at KW Realty, we want to make sure you are purchasing the right home for you, so we’ve compiled a list of small details often overlooked when searching for the right home. Use these as suggestions for your own personal checklist to find out what works for you while shopping around.

Electrical Issues in a House


Any house you tour should have electrical set up, but that doesn’t mean all homes are equal. While looking around a house make sure to turn on and off light switches. Observe for flickering lights and broken switches. These issues could be red flags for larger electrical issues in the house. Another way to inspect the electrical is to bring a phone charger and plug it into outlets. This lets you know if all the wall sockets are working. Having to rewire a house is a big added cost, so checking for these issues can help you decide if the home will stay on your list to consider.

Home Water Problems

Water Check

Another important factor of a home is the water. Many people often overlook this and later wish they hadn’t forgotten about it. Try turning on the shower and sinks in multiple rooms to gauge the water temperature and pressure. Remember water pressure can sometimes be fixed by a simple showerhead or faucet exchange, however, extremely low pressure won’t change to extremely high pressure, and vice-versa with that fix. If water taste is important to you and you often drink from the faucet, don’t be afraid to drink the water while on tour as well. Buying a house is a big purchase, and not being satisfied with the water is a big factor to consider. 

Household Inconsistencies

Household Inconsistencies

While you are walking around and checking out the rooms of a house, open all doors and windows to see if they operate smoothly. Be aware of temperature changes throughout the room, as there should be consistent temperature throughout the house. Inconsistencies in the temperature may point to problems with the AC, insulation, or windows. Take the time to smell the rooms as well, sewer or musty odors can also lead to issues.

Outside Factors

Outside Noises to Consider While House Hunting

A couple of outdoor details to consider are the noise level and traffic coming from the outside. Also, is there a lot of other homes for sale on the same street? Noise levels are something that you will not have control over once you purchase a home. If there are a lot of other homes for sale in the same neighborhood, there could be a larger concern surrounding the area. 

Larger Issues

Large House Issues

Finally, look for water damage, leaks, or foundation cracks. While a home inspection is crucial before buying a house, looking for issues yourself can help you knock out early contenders and save you time and money. Often people forget to look for these issues but instead focus on minor cosmetic changes such as paint color. Remember those types of changes can be fixed easily and are relatively inexpensive, while major problems such as foundation cracks can be expensive and nearly impossible to correct. 

Buying a Home

By taking the time to look for these details while house hunting, real estate shopping can be less stressful. Add these details to your house hunting checklist, and customize what you are looking for based on your needs. These tips will and allow you to quickly knock down your contender list, and help you find the best home for you. The Lemmon Team at KW Realty has your best interests in mind, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions and let your realtor know what you are (and are not) looking for in a house.